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Tiled Conservatory Roofs Sutton

Update your Sutton home with our tiled conservatory roofs. We offer bespoke builds as replacement roofs for your current extension. We also provide tiled conservatory roofs as an option for your new conservatory or orangery. Invest in a high-performance roof today.

If you notice your current extension start to underperform, it may be down to your roof system in place. Therefore we can install a brand new tiled conservatory roof so you can continue to enjoy your space. We can tailor your dream roof to your style preferences.

Our trusted suppliers, Ultraframe, are leaders in the home improvement industry. They provide us with roofs manufactured to the highest standard of thermal efficiency and durability. The Ultraroof tiled conservatory roofs are bespoke to each property, seamlessly fitting with the look of your home in Sutton.


Thermally Efficient

A fundamental aspect of roof design is its thermal retention properties. Our stunning tiled conservatory roofs are meticulously tested on their ability to keep the heat in and the cold out. An extension should be used all year round, not just during summer.

Relax under a new tiled roof which will expertly regulate the temperature of your conservatory or orangery. As the roof means you won’t have to keep your heating on constant, you will start to see your energy bills drop. This will reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

Increased Privacy

The benefit of a tiled conservatory roof is the lack of exposure to the outside world. Ideal for those who want increased privacy, you can relax in your own space. Despite this, our tiled conservatory roofs have the option for glass inserts to brighten your home.

You can choose a lantern roof to take advantage of the natural daylight. The choice is yours when it comes to designing your new tiled conservatory roof. We will work with your ideas to develop a roof that you are incredibly satisfied with.


Stay protected from the elements with our tiled conservatory roofs. The benefit of having a covered roof is its exceptional ability to keep unpredictable weather out. With rain comes the potential for leaks, damp and even mould with poorly designed roofs.

However, the Ultraroofs have been manufactured to prevent this. The tiling is made with precision with no gaps for rain to enter. Our tiled conservatory roofs are built with a high-quality sealant to stop draughts entering, maintaining a warm Sutton home.


If you are opting for a replacement roof for your current extension, you may worry about the weight on your existing frames. However, we can assure you that our tiled conservatory roofs will have little strain on your foundations and framing.

Ultraroof is made from lightweight panels, which are sized up before installation. This allows for easy installation and an efficient process. For the lightest roofing system, opt for a tiled conservatory roof in your home in Sutton.

tiled conservatory roof sutton conservatory

Glass Options

With our tiled conservatory roofs, we offer the options for glass panels. This is advantageous if you want to increase the light in your conservatory or orangery. We offer stunning double glazing which invites streams of daylight into your Sutton house. These are a stylish addition to any home and are a unique renovation for your property.

The glass is made from double glazing as standard, which excels in retain heat in your home. Alternatively, we have the option for triple glazing, which is an advancement in home improvements. The triple panel system keeps warm air circulating your Sutton house for longer.

You may also opt for a smaller window, to invite light in but retain your privacy. This is perfect if you want to take advantage of the light but want to stay protected. Again, this comes with double glazing as standard but has the option for triple glazing if you wish.


Why Choose Castle?

The team at Castle are dedicated to delivering quality and exceptional service. We treat every project individually, working closely with you in every step. We strive for a service that is both friendly and informative, offering you advice about your new tiled conservatory roof.

We are proud to have over 25 years’ experience in the home improvement industry. Therefore you can rely on us for a personal service that meets your needs. Our skilled team have been trained in their area and have a great deal of expertise.

Our ten-year insurance backed guarantee will reassure you that your new tiled conservatory roof will perform. We offer a full build service, consisting of design and installation. This can also be followed by heating, plumbing and electrical work if needed.


Tiled Conservatory Roofs Sutton Prices

Our stunning tiled conservatory roofs are made to measure for our Sutton customers. Therefore our prices vary. Get a free, non-obligatory quote today to see how much your new roof will cost. Just choose your design preferences and input your specifications, and we’ll give you a price.

Get in touch with us via our contact form. We’ll do our best to answer your questions. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 020 8669 1500, and our team will happily answer any queries you have.

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