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A classic conservatory inspired by late historical structures can add a touch of elegance to your property with a period feel. Heritage properties that feature decorative detail or have a period charm, require a modern conservatory design that has a traditional and timeless aesthetic. The classic conservatory increases space and natural light emittance in the same way that a contemporary or bespoke conservatory does. You can enjoy all of the modern benefits that a high quality and high performance conservatory brings whilst retaining a classic look and feel. With a range of styles and designs to choose from, our classic conservatories work harmoniously with the features of your Surrey home, blending seamlessly with the brick work and creating the view that it has always been a part of the property!
We can discuss your exact needs for your classic conservatory to make sure you gain an extension that not only looks how you want it to but functions well too. The classic conservatory is traditional in looks but not in performance. Our conservatories are created using premium quality materials that last the test of time and offer a durable and robust profile.

The Benefits of a Classic Conservatory for your Surrey Home

There are a long list of features and benefits when it comes to adding a traditional conservatory to your Surrey property. Adding a conservatory to your property will give you the extra space you crave, as well as brilliant views of the outside and increased natural light. Our traditional conservatories enable you to enjoy the seasons changing from the comfort of your home with excellent thermal properties and insulation. You can choose from a range of window and door styles to create the exact functionality you require, whether you prefer French doors, sliding doors or bi-fold doors for the desired effect. Our classic conservatories help reduce the cost of energy bills by retaining heat instead of letting it escape into the atmosphere. With the increased natural light, you’ll also find less of a need for artificial light during the day and summer evenings. With excellent heat retention, you’ll find that your carbon emissions decrease too, helping your home contribute to a greener environment. Our classic conservatories benefit from quality glazing that reduces sound pollution, and helps set a serene and tranquil environment that all of the family can enjoy.

The classic conservatory looks like a natural extension of your home and blends in as if it is part of the original build.

With a number of variations to choose from, you can achieve a classic conservatory that complements your Surrey home and can be used for a range of purposes and uses.

If you want to add a conservatory to add a seamless connection to the outdoors, increase the natural light into your home and add an open plan space with more room and storage options, our classic conservatories are the perfect fit.

All of our classic conservatories come with high security locking mechanisms as standard, giving you complete peace of mind about the safety and protection of your family and Surrey home.

Our classic conservatories may be traditional in design but are developed and designed to provide a strong and durable solution that can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions, keeping your Surrey home warm and dry.

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Classic Conservatory Prices in Surrey

We believe that all homeowners in Sutton, Croydon, Kingston, Leatherhead, Wimbledon, Epsom and South London should be able to benefit from timeless beauty and sophisticated design. Each project that we undertake is treated uniquely, taking your needs and specifications into consideration before issuing a detailed and no-obligation quote. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to the home improvement industry and are always on hand to provide the best advice and recommendations for your Surrey home. Our large range of classic conservatories offer a list of features and benefits to every homeowner. We are able to offer a full conservatory service from planning, through to construction and the finishing touches. Every project that we undertake is kept within budget, in time and carried out with the utmost professionalism. If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly and helpful team members about your classic conservatory needs, simply get in touch today or request a free quote.

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