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Let Castle’s experienced team of conservatory design and installation professionals help you transform your Tooting home. With over 30 years of experience, we’ll collaborate with you to create a tailor-made conservatory, complete with the perfect layout, furnishings, and components. Our friendly and professional service ensures a stress-free experience and adds value to your home. Get started today and create a one-of-a-kind conservatory that you and your family will love.


Additional Space

Do you want to be able to enjoy more living space in your Tooting home without the stress of relocating? A conservatory from us could be the ideal choice for you! We provide conservatories in diverse sizes, shapes, and designs, so you’re sure to be able to find one that fits any limited space effortlessly. Not only can you use the conservatory for pleasure and tranquillity, but you can even turn it into an office. We have an array of styles, tints, and optional features, so you can easily pick the perfect conservatory that reflects your individual style and enhances the appeal of your property.

Weather Resistant

Our conservatories guarantee a top-notch construction of the highest quality materials and use a specialized technique that provides the best protection in any weather. We carefully insulate them to keep the heat in and prevent any water leakage, giving you complete peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy your conservatory every day.

Quality Double Glazing

We are thrilled to provide your home with conservatories that feature our top-of-the-line double glazing technology. This feature not only increases energy efficiency and insulation, but assists in lowering energy costs. Our double glazing technology has a distinct advantage over single pane windows – air pockets are created between the two glass parts, which are then utilized to maintain the pre-existing heat of the home and ease the strain on your heating system. By selecting this double glazing option, you can expect the most ideal insulation, as well as a decrease in your yearly carbon emissions.

Increased Light

A conservatory can be a great addition to your Tooting home, as it will create a brighter, more spacious atmosphere and can be tailored to your exact requirements. Styling options range from Victorian, Edwardian and modern designs, so you can pick a style that best suits your house. Furthermore, it can offer you long-term financial advantages, as you’ll benefit from lower energy bills due to its energy-efficient and eco-friendly properties.


We offer three fantastic conservatory styles, for a range of property types. You can decide on which one best suits you, tailoring the layout to suit your Tooting home. Each design choice is down to you so you can enjoy a unique space.

Classic Conservatory

Those wishing to give their home a classic and traditional atmosphere should consider constructing a classic conservatory. Built with tough, solid framing and double glazing, the structure will surely endure the test of time. Furthermore, the conservatory could be custom-tailored to the existing interior of the home, providing a sophisticated look and potentially amplifying the home’s appraisal value.

Designer Conservatory

Homeowners in Earlsfield have the option of improving their homes with stylish, contemporary conservatories. Equipped with sizable double-glazed panels, they bring a plentiful amount of sunshine into the room and boost insulation. Installing triple-glazed panels further boosts the insulation qualities, providing a luminous and comfortable living environment that makes any home warm and inviting.

Performance Conservatory

Give your Tooting home a makeover with the addition of an energy-efficient, weatherproof room. You can customize it in any way that fits the needs of your family and make it into whatever you want–a homey living area, a luxurious dining space, or a private oasis. Installation is quick and simple, so you won’t have to dedicate a lot of time getting your new room ready to use. With this energy-efficient and weatherproof room, you can revamp your Tooting home in no time.

Why Choose Castle?

For the past quarter century, Castle has been the go-to for all of your home improvement needs. From design to installation and completion, our team is committed to providing an excellent customer experience and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We specialize in complete conservatory builds, offering services such as heating, plumbing and plastering to help bring your vision to life. At Castle, we always strive to make sure our customers are completely satisfied and proud of their completed project. You can count on us for all of your home improvement needs!


Conservatories Tooting Prices

If you are looking for a custom conservatory for your Tooting home, then look no further than Castle. We provide a variety of conservatories tailored to fit your style and budget. To get a price quote, utilise our free online quote calculator. Simply enter the size and features of the conservatory you would like and our staff will return with a quote. In addition, our professionals are available for specialised assistance and advice. Reach out to them directly by filling in our online contact form or call us on 020 8669 1500.


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