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A modern conservatory can blend in with the surroundings of your Surrey home and complement both the exterior and interior and décor of a property harmoniously. This is important, as you want an extension to look as though it is a seamless part of the home rather than an afterthought. Usually more simplistic in design, the performance conservatory has clean lines, are square or rectangular in structure and are focused on providing a spacious and light area in a home. There are a number of purposes for a performance conservatory, with some of the most common being kitchen extensions, dining areas, home offices and relaxation spaces. Because the modern conservatory is so versatile, they suit a wide range of properties and can be as unique as you like.
We can tailor your conservatory to your Surrey home, ensuring that you get the home improvement result you’ve always dreamed of.

The Benefits of a Performance Conservatory for your Surrey Home

There are a long list of features and benefits when it comes to adding a performance conservatory to your property. A performance home extension can give you the extended space and floor plan you have always wanted as well as help to increase the value of your home. A conservatory that has been designed intelligently and constructed in a high quality and professional way is extremely attractive to prospective buyers. Gone are the days where conservatories are too hot to use in the summer and too cold in winter, our performance conservatories are designed specifically to be used all year round. Assisting in providing a comfortable and regulated temperature throughout the home, you and your family can enjoy a space to unwind and relax in with reduced sound pollution.
Our high performance conservatories are also incredibly adept at keeping warm air in, improving the thermal efficiency of your Surrey home and helping to reduce energy costs. The added benefit to this is that you will find your carbon footprint decreases, with the level of heat retention that our conservatories provide.

One of the best ways to add increased space, character and value to your home is with a performance conservatory. It saves the expense of moving home and helps to make your dream home a reality

Our fresh looking conservatories add a blank canvas that you can tailor to match your individual taste and personality. At Castle Conservatories, we can assist in customising the design, layout and décor to perfectly suit your Surrey home.

A well designed conservatory can transform the look of your home and dramatically improve your quality of life. Offering a seamless connection to the outdoors you can throw open the doors and windows in the warmer months for increased ventilation or close them to protect you from the chill of winter.

Our performance conservatories are designed specifically to counteract the issues you face with the everchanging and unpredictable British weather. Weatherproofing your home and keeping it dry and moisture free all year round gives you the peace of mind you need.

We are also serious about security, offering a robust and durable conservatory design that consists of quality glazing and advanced security locking mechanisms. You will be confident that your family and Surrey home are safe and secure.

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Performance Conservatory Prices in Surrey

We believe that all homeowners in Surrey should be able to be benefit from high quality and cost-effective conservatory solutions that add functionality as well as form. We treat each project individually, taking into consideration your exact needs and requirements before providing a detailed and no-obligation quote. Our expert team based in Woodcote Green Garden Centre, Wallington, are happy to discuss any questions or queries that you may have, drawing on our wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the very best advice and recommendations. We have a large range of conservatories available, offering a bespoke design service that begins with the design and ends with the finishing touches. We’ll be there every step of the way!
We are skilled at project management, making sure that the project is within budget, on time and installed with precision and skill. If you’d like to discuss your performance conservatory project with us today, simply get in touch or get a free quote.

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