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Improve the look and performance of your home in Mitcham with a bespoke conservatory. From traditional to contemporary properties, our conservatory can seamlessly fit the decor. We work on both domestic and commercial properties, suited to your needs and specifications.

The high-quality materials we use are manufactured for longevity. Our top-class suppliers are renowned for their innovative manufacturing techniques and durable profiles. The double glazing installed as standard offers a host of benefits, including thermal efficiency and weather resistance.

We have a selection of roofing systems available, which you can tailor to accommodate your needs. The various roofs offer more or less privacy, depending on your needs. Each conservatory will excel in keeping the room at a comfortable temperature, meaning you can enjoy the space all year.

Here at Castle, we have a wealth of knowledge and skills in the double glazing industry. Each conservatory is made-to-measure for our Mitcham customers. To find out more information, get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to answer all your questions about our products.


Thermally Efficient

Our conservatories excel in offering superb thermal values. The expansive double glazing works to retain heat for much longer than single pane systems. The glass traps pockets of warm air, acting as a thermal barrier. Fundamentally reduce heat loss and take advantage of lower energy costs once you choose our conservatories.


Choose to transform the conservatory into whatever use you prefer. Choose a dining room for a space to entertain your guests. You also may wish to use the conservatory as a working space if you are at home and in need of privacy. Or you could use the conservatory as a relaxing lounge. We are happy to accommodate you.


Conservatories from Advance Window Solutions offer exceptional security. During the most extreme weather conditions, the installation will remain structurally robust. As well as this, the windows and doors are integrated with multipoint locking systems, to prevent forced entry. Keep your home and possessions safe in our fantastic conservatories.

Double Glazing

Make use of the natural daylight with our double glazed conservatories. Our designs are made up of 75% glazing, inviting a large amount of light into your home. This means that you will use your electricity far less as you can take advantage of the daylight. In turn, you will see your bills start to decrease. This will help reduce your carbon footprint for a greener future.

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We are proud to install three bespoke conservatory styles for our customers.  Each of these offers a unique aesthetic with a range of practical benefits. You are free to choose the style that will perfectly suit your home in Mitcham.

Classic Conservatory

With a traditional look, this style is slightly different from other conservatories. They still provide the same standards of home security and energy efficiency, thanks to multi-point locking systems, postcode engineering and insulated columns. The conservatories are made bespoke so you are satisfied with the final design.

Designer Conservatory

Designer conservatories offer visual appeal and unique styling. They are designed with cornices that hide any off-cuts and conceal the guttering. The uPVC framework can be customised with one of our 250 RAL colours, for a bespoke finish. They will effortlessly blend with the rest of your home in Mitcham.

Performance Conservatory

This sleek style comes fitted with super-insulated columns, providing five times more thermal efficiency than an alternative made from brick. As Ultraframe’s most efficient conservatory style, you are certainly making a worthwhile investment. Performance conservatories come with lighting panel options and decorative cornices for your choosing. They are perfect for those looking for a functional, modern living space.

Why Choose Castle?

With over 25 years in the home improvement industry, we are proud to have years of knowledge and experience behind us. With a skilled team of installers and designers, we guarantee you will be happy with your next home improvement.

Our full build service not only involves design and fitting, but we offer heating, plumbing and plastering if needed. We have a show site based in Wallington where you can see our range of products. Decide on your preferred conservatory to upgrade your property.

Conservatory Prices Mitcham

Modernise any property in Mitcham when you choose our conservatories. Here at Castle, we design our products based on your exact specifications. No matter what your budget, we can discuss our options with you to install your dream conservatory.

Get a free online quote today to see how much your new conservatory will cost. This is non-obligatory, and you can use the tool as many times as you like. Just input your specifications, and we’ll get back to you with a price.

Get in touch with us today using our online contact form. You can ask us anything you like about our entire range. Speak to our team directly on 020 8669 1500, and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you have.

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