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Modern Extensions Mitcham

Every extension we provide, whether it be conservatory or orangery, is designed to seamlessly blend into your existing property, whether it be traditional or modern! The exceptional modern extensions we provide come with a vast range of benefits including being highly secure, durable and thermally efficient!

With us, your next home improvement project is in safe hands! We have been working with industry professionals for over 25 years and have developed a reputation for providing exceptional service that is matched by exceptional builds. Our wonderful team are all experienced in providing the service that you have come to expect from Castle Conservatories

To ensure that your new conservatory, orangery or extension will suit all of your requirements, our hands-on team will work with you throughout the process to make your dreams a reality. We offer a wide range of customisable options including colours and styles that give you the perfect fit for your home!

Benefits of Modern Extensions

Highly Durable

You can be assured that with a conservatory or orangery from Castle Conservatories, you are receiving an exceptionally durable build that will stand the test of time! No longer will the worries of decay and deterioration be a bother!

Whilst being uniquely durable, our conservatories and orangeries require little to no maintenance throughout the year, simply just a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remain shiny and new!

Safe and Secure

Security is on the mind of every homeowner, it is probably the main reason a lot of us own a home! We understand that at Castle Conservatories so we make sure that all of our products are fitted with secure locking systems and mechanisms, tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of security. Our home extensions all have durable double glazed windows designed to keep intruders out.

Weatherproof and durable, you can enjoy a low maintenance addition to your home. Damp and mould will become a thing of the past with our conservatories and orangeries. Your brand new surroundings will remain in exceptional condition for years to come.

Thermally Efficient

With energy bills on the rise everywhere, it has never been more imperative to ensure that your home is using its energy efficiently. Thermal performance is the key element to making sure your home is not burning a hole in your pocket through excessive heating and cooling. Our insulated columns and thick frames along with secure double glazing give your Mitcham home the thermal performance it needs with a modern extension!

Keep yourself cool in the summer and warm in the winter with a modern extension from Castle Conservatories. Our windows and doors are all designed to trap pockets of air throughout the home so your new investment adapts to the changing of the seasons. Keeping your energy usage down keeps the carbon footprint of Mitcham down too.

Modern Conservatories

Exceptionally aesthetically pleasing and with performance that outmatches all of our competitors, our modern conservatories are a wonderful issue to your home! The perfect way to upgrade, the additional living space you’ll receive is the ideal way to add value to your property. 

Modern Orangeries

If you’re looking to bring your Mitcham home into the 21st century with a modern extension then look no further than an orangery from Castle Conservatories. The famous and unique brickwork coupled with the natural light provided gives orangeries a unique space that couples privacy and beauty all in one.

Our orangeries are customisable to ensure that you receive a bespoke modern extension for your Mitcham home. Whether you’re looking for a solid, tiled or lantern roof, we have the solution for you. Each system provides an aesthetically pleasing feature whilst also providing practical benefits too. The thermal efficiency and security that you would expect to have from a modern home extension are all present in your next installation from Castle Conservatories. No matter the style of your home, we have the perfect solution for your home.

Why Choose Castle Conservatories?

We specialise in the double glazing industry and have a wealth of experience working with suppliers from across the country and in a wide range of different projects. To ensure that our customers know that they can trust in our products, we’re more than happy to provide a 10-year insurance backed guarantee on all of our products. We also answer all of your questions throughout the entirety of the project and we leave all of the final decisions to you so you receive the finished product you were hoping for.

With our 25 years of experience, our skills are among the best. Each member of our team is fully prepared to provide you with professional and efficient service, and we work closely with each of our Mitcham clients to ensure their ideas are brought to life.

Modern Extension Prices Mitcham

All of our products are made to measure for your Mitcham home. Therefore it is difficult to give a solid umbrella price for our installations. 

Use our free online quoting tool and give us your specifications and design choices and we’ll get back to you with a no-obligation quote as quickly as we can.

We’re also ready to answer any specific questions you may have through our online contact page. We’re also here to help if you would rather speak to us over the phone on the number 020 8669 1500.

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