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Orangeries Mitcham

We design and install a range of orangeries in Mitcham and surrounding areas. Our orangeries are made to a superior quality, with weather resistance and durability. Additionally, the orangeries are incredibly thermally efficient, resulting in a room you can enjoy all year round.

Each orangery we install is entirely bespoke to each customer. This means that you can choose every element to suit your style. This includes the layout, roof, colours and finishes. You can even decide the windows and doors you would like to complete the orangery.


Thermal Insulation

Orangeries excel in their thermal efficiency. With expansive brickwork, your orangery will stay at a comfortable and cosy temperature. As a result, you can use the orangery all year round. By utilising your existing heating in this new room, you will notice a drop in your energy bills. Make a positive environmental impact with our orangeries.


However you wish to use the orangeries, we can cater to you. They are often used as lounges, dining areas or home offices. We can transform the orangery into any shape and specification you wish to perfectly suit your needs. You will then be free to enjoy it for decades.

Natural Light

Utilise the daylight with our ornagerioes. No matter which roofing option you choose, the natural light will stream inside. You can create a brighter and more inviting space that will certainly wow guests. Keep your electricity bills low will our stunning orangeries.

orangeries epsom stylish


Traditional Orangery

For a more heritage feel to the property, choose our traditional orangeries. This replicates orangeries from the 17th and 19th centuries. The aim of these was to keep natural sunlight streaming in through the roof, yet maintain a comfortable and warm space.

The luxurious orangeries will certainly add visual appeal to your property. The timeless design can improve the overall look of your Mitcham property. This will make it appeal to potential buyers if you ever decide to move property. Choose our high value orangeries today.

A traditional orangery won’t require planning permission. Despite this, Castle is always here to help you through the stages, from concept to installation. We are happy to talk you through we are our work, and make sure you are happy at each stage.

Lantern Orangery

Enjoy an influx of natural light into your orangery with our lantern option. The stunning, modern improvement to the orangery will create a brighter, more inviting living space. As a result, you will have less reliance on your electricity.

As a modern addition to the property, lantern orangeries will certainly add visual appeal. They are made as normal orangeries are, with expansive brickwork. This is what distinguishes it from conservatories and extensions alike.

The lantern orangery can be customised in a choice of sizes, materials and finishes. Whether you are looking to upgrade a traditional or contemporary home in Mitcham, we can cater to you. Blend in with the existing look of your property or make a statement, then choose our home improvements.

Contemporary Orangery

For a stylish addition to your home in Mitcham, then look no further than our contemporary orangeries. Contemporary orangeries can be used for a range of purposes. Whether you want a lounge, dining area, or playroom for children, orangeries are incredibly versatile.

The orangeries we install are incredibly low maintenance. With durable materials tested on their longevity, the orangery won’t require upkeep over time. As a result, you can spend more time doing things you enjoy rather than dedicating time to repair and maintain the orangery.

Contemporary orangeries add character to whichever property they are installed in. Create a seamless transition between your home and garden as you enjoy the new room. Maximise natural light and live comfortably in your brand new orangery.

orangeries epsom contemporary

Orangeries Prices Mitcham

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