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Roof Lanterns Carshalton

Transform your Carshalton home with a Castle Conservatories roof lantern. This solution not only adds a sleek modern finish to your space but also provides a slew of practical benefits to help you improve it. Our roof lanterns are excellent for upgrading your property, offering increased thermal efficiency and effective weather resistance. As an added perk, our products can be tailored to your exact specifications and are available in a wide variety of colours and surface treatments. Meaning, you can easily adapt your home to your changing tastes and preferences by seamlessly  matching or boldly contrasting its current exterior. 

Take our virtual reality tour to help you get a better understanding of what a Castle Conservatory roof lantern could add to your Carshalton home. Then, get a free, personalised quote by using our convenient quoting tool. Start your home improvement project with us today!


Thermally Efficient

Installing one of our roof lanterns in your Carshalton home allows you to make the most of your living space no matter the season. Our high-performance double glazing insulates your home from the cold, keeping the heat in during the winter. Over time, the reduced demand for central heating in your home means you can save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon emission impact. 

During the warmer, summer months your space will also stay regulated as our panels prevent excess solar energy from entering your property. So unlike other glass structures our roof lanterns will prevent your home from overheating and help you stay cool. So, make the most of your space year round with a roof lantern from Castle.


Fully Customisable 

Our fully customisable roof lanterns give you the freedom to make the perfect personal addition to your house. Completely versatile, they can be used to enhance both contemporary and more classic dwellings. With our wide choice of colours, finishes and styles, It’s up to you to decide whether you want your roof lantern to blend in with the rest of the house or stand out dramatically. 

With just one installation your space will drastically change. The increased light and outside view will help your home feel bigger, while the visual style of your new roof lantern will add character to the outside of your home. Upgrade your Carshalton property today with a Castle Conservatories. Get started by generating your very own bespoke quote with our free online quoting tool.



Weather Resistant 

Despite the erratic nature of the British climate, our products are built to last. Sealed tightly to prevent water ingress and unwanted draughts a new roof lantern will keep your Carshalton house dry and draft-free. So, no matter how hard it rains or how fierce the wind blows you will stay a cosy and warm observer, safe beneath your new lantern.

Our installations have been put through rigorous testing to ensure they will resist the worst of weather conditions. This means they are a worthwhile investment for your property. So make the choice to protect your property with Castle Conservatories roofline products.

A Lighter Home

Installing one of our roof lanterns can instantly improve the look and feel of your property. It’s amazing what a difference one installation can make. Their compact framework and set 25° pitch will provide you with a panoramic view of your Carshalton surroundings, making your home feel larger without the trouble of an addition.

Our roof lanterns also use natural light to your advantage. Their large double glazed panels will brighten the entire space, making the room appear bigger. A new roof lantern from Castel will not only improve the look of your home externally but the function of its internal function as well.

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Roof Lanterns Prices Carshalton

Castle’s extensive history in the home improvement industry has taught us the value of providing our customers with first-rate service and premium materials. You can have faith in us to install a roof lantern that will greatly improve the value of your Carshalton home.

To receive your no-obligation estimate, enter your requirements into our online quote generator, and you will have your bespoke quote in minutes. You can also contact us via phone at 0208 669 1500 or fill in our online contact form if you have any further questions.

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