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Orangeries Earlsfield

Transform your Earlsfield property with a bespoke orangery from Castle, a double glazing business with decades of experience in the industry. Their team of friendly and professional experts will work with you to create an orangery to your exact specifications. Not only will this add extra living space to your home, but you can also enjoy enhanced security, weatherproofing, and energy efficiency in the process. With its superior quality and craftsmanship, your custom orangery will last for many years, increasing your home’s value in the process. Make your dreams come true by investing in an orangery from Castle.



Thermal Insulation

If you opt for our home improvements, you can enjoy remarkable thermal comfort in your Earlsfield home with one of our stunning orangeries. If you already possess a conservatory with an old and inadequate roof, you will notice an evident difference in the atmosphere after our upgrades. Our orangeries are equipped with double glazing and insulating pelmets as well as sturdy brickwork which guarantees you an optimum internal temperature at all times. The high-level double glazing allows for retention of heat and prevents any unnecessary wastage. Enjoy the advantages of a newly-upgraded orangery and have the peace of mind in knowing you will always be comfortable.


Unlock the potential of your home and create a bespoke personal sanctuary. From comfortable lounges to practical dining spaces to individual offices, there are plenty of customisation options to cater to your specific needs. Not only will you have the pleasure of creating a space that is perfectly suited to your tastes, but you can also enjoy the beautiful views of the outdoors. Investigate our customisation options today and discover how you can create your own little piece of paradise!

Natural Light

Our double glazed orangeries are designed with two layers of glass, providing additional insulation and helping to regulate the temperature of the room. This keeps the air inside warm and prevents any external air from entering the space. Furthermore, the extra glazing allows natural light in while also reducing energy loss, resulting in higher energy efficiency. To maximise savings, upgrade to our triple glazed options for an extra layer of protection that keeps your orangery comfortable and energy efficient year-round. Make the most of your energy savings and enjoy comfort today by investing in one of our orangeries.


In the Earlsfield area, we provide a wide range of beautiful and unique orangeries to complement any kind of home. We utilize only the best quality components obtained from trusted providers in order to construct bespoke orangeries that match your individual preferences, whether it’s a classical or a contemporary look. Our resourceful production methods make sure that your orangery is constructed to your exact specifications while still keeping expenses and time requirements to a minimum.

Lantern Orangery

A lantern orangery could be the perfect way to give your Earlsfield home a contemporary and stylish look. Combining partial brick walls and full glass sides, it allows for a higher degree of privacy with more natural light, creating a stunning atmosphere. The lantern style glass roofs feature unique designs that can provide an eye-catching statement and modern appeal for your home.

Contemporary Orangery

Our modern orangeries offer a chic, minimalist look ideal for any home. Enjoy the extra natural light they provide while using less electricity to illuminate the added space. Made out of durable materials, the stylish and elegant design of these orangeries will give you the assurance of protection from rain and storms. Invest in these orangeries for a worry-free alternative to dealing with inclement weather.

Traditional Orangery

Let us transform your home in Earlsfield with a charming and stylish classic orangery. Crafted with strong and durable extra brickwork and expert engineering, this orangery will be immensely strong and insulated, ensuring protection and maintaining warmth all year round. The timeless design of the orangery adds a cosy atmosphere to your home, allowing you to welcome family and friends into a warm and inviting space. With careful attention to detail and the highest quality materials, you can be rest assured that the orangery will remain looking great for years to come.

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Why Choose Castle?

For over a quarter-century, Castle has been committed to providing outstanding renovations and services. Our team has the expertise and meticulous attention to detail necessary to guarantee successful results with only the finest materials and tools. Moreover, they are dedicated to crafting a custom plan that perfectly aligns with your vision. Pick Castle with confidence, knowing that our team is devoted to delivering excellence and dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Orangeries Earlsfield Prices

Transform your Earlsfield property into an oasis with a tailored design crafted by experienced professionals. Get a free, no-obligation quote to explore your design options. If you already know the design you want, let us know. We are also available to answer any questions you may have about orangeries, conservatories, windows, doors, and other products – simply fill out our online form or call us on 020 8669 1500. We look forward to hearing from you!


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