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Widen your living space in Reigate with our fantastic range of house extensions. We design and install a range of thoughtfully designed conservatories and orangeries for those wanting to extend their property. The installations are bespoke to each customer to suit the existing style of both traditional and contemporary properties. Add value to your home when you choose a stunning extension.

Our house extensions range from heritage to more modern installations for your Reigate property, we can tailor the look to your preferences. Every house extension is made-to-measure from our spectacular customisation options. Tailor the look from our colours, finishes and hardware. You can also decide on the window and door styles to complement each other.

Here at Castle Conservatories, we are proud to have over 25 years’ experience in home improvements. We specialise in double glazing, meaning we have a plethora of skills that we bring to each project. You can rely on us to deliver an exceptional and friendly service. Get a free house extension price today by using our free quoting tool. Start your next project with Castle Conservatories today.


Thermally Efficient

It’s essential that house extensions are the perfect temperature to enjoy. The double glazing fitted as standard is incredibly thermally retentive. The glass stops heat from escaping due to the dual-pane system. It traps a pocket of warm air that would have escaped your home with single pane glazing. As well as this, the glass regulates the internal temperature to prevent the room from becoming too hot in the summer.

Enjoy a new room that maintains an optimum temperature. As well as the double glazing, the extension is fabricated with super-insulated columns and pelmets. The entire structure is designed to keep your living space comfortable and cosy. As you rely less on your heating, you will notice a drop in your energy bills. With this, you are making a positive environmental impact as you lower your carbon footprint.


Choose longevity when you choose our house extensions. The market-leading materials are designed to protect the room against force from the weather. We ensure the sturdy structure is tested so that it reaches high standards in weather protection. With columns and pelmets preventing water ingress and weather damage, you can relax in your new room whatever the weather.

Take advantage of a stunning installation with little upkeep required. All that’s needed is a wipe down of the moveable elements every once in a while. The high-quality extensions will perform just like new for decades. They won’t warp, crack, rot or distort and will maintain their superb appearance. Enjoy a rewarding house extension for your Reigate property.


The safety of our customers is paramount to our work. Each extension is fitted with a range of security features for your peace of mind. The doors and windows as part of the structure are integrated with robust locking systems. The multi-point handle mechanisms will prevent unwanted intruders from forcing entry. You can rest assured your home and possessions are protected.

For increased security, the double glazing is innovatively designed. The glass panes are internally beaded when manufactured. This means that they physically cannot be removed from the outside. This will better protect your home from outside intrusions and reduce the potential for break-ins through the glass. Keep your family, home and possessions safe in Reigate with our fantastic house extensions.


Increase your living space without the hassle of moving house. Our stunning conservatories will offer exceptional style and performance to your Reigate home. We offer classic, designer and performance conservatories, each with their own unique appearance. Classic conservatories are a wonderful house extension project. The popular style is a reliable, high-quality home improvement solution.

Designer conservatories are an incredibly modern, sleek house extension style. Transform the way your home looks and functions with a spacious, bright new room. The versatility of a designer conservatory means it can fit in a range of properties in Reigate. Performance conservatories offer a beautiful minimalist appearance with expansive glass. Add a contemporary touch with this style.


Orangeries are an alternative house extension, evergrowing in popularity. They are recognised by the structure, with fewer glass panels and more brickwork than conservatories. Our orangeries can be built into whatever room you would like. The versatility means you can benefit from a new dining area, a study, a place to entertain or just somewhere to relax.

We offer lantern, contemporary and traditional orangeries, all of which bring a range of practical benefits. Lantern orangeries are designed for increased privacy, with daylight streaming through the stunning roof design. Contemporary orangeries are a versatile, high-performance house extension offering durability. Traditional orangeries are ideal for those with heritage-style properties but also fit into the look of modern Reigate homes.

Why Choose Castle Conservatories?

We are specialists in the home improvement industry, with an exceptional 25 years in the business. We offer bespoke house extensions, with our selection of customisation options. We work closely with each Reigate customer to design your dream installation. Transform a space that’s personal to you.

For your peace of mind, we offer a 10-year insurance backed guarantee. This is so you are protected by us and are happy with the investment. Our house extensions offer a wealth of practical benefits as well as a stunning appearance.

House Extension Prices Reigate

Here at Castle Conservatories, we work with a variety of budgets and property types. Everything is made-to-measure, so prices vary based on customer specifications.

Get a free online quote for a no-obligation house extension price. Choose your style, and select your ideal colours, finishes and hardware.

If you have any queries, get in touch via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, speak to one of our team directly on 020 8669 1500, and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have!

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