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Roof Lanterns Kingston

This gorgeous architectural product will improve the look of your home in Kingston. Benefit from thermal efficiency, security, and weather resistance with this product. The glazing will allow an inflow of light, brightening your living space.

Our roof lanterns come in an array of colours and finishes. You can match your existing decor and choose exactly how the roof will look. No matter your space or specifications, we will work closely with each customer to ensure a seamless fit into your property.

Our Virtual Reality Tour can help you better understand our roof lanterns in action. You are welcome to get a free roof quoting using our online quoting tool. This is easy to use and will give you a price in minutes. Start your next home improvement project today.

Increase in Natural Light

Letting more natural light into your home benefits your health and home! Gaining more vitamin D can assist your sleeping and make you generally a much healthier person.

Natural light is also beneficial for your home as it will cause you to use your electricity much less, decreasing your bills significantly. Additionally, even when the sun isn’t shining, your home will still be nicely lit up due to our roof lanterns’ innovative and effective design.


Our roof lanterns are durable against the harshest of weather conditions. The UK weather, especially in Kingston, can be extremely unpredictable. Installing a roof lantern would mean your home is protected from weather, even if it’s heavy snowfall, rain, or strong winds.

The roof lanterns we provide are tested thoroughly to ensure no damage is caused to your property in Kingston and that they last a lifetime.

Beautiful Aesthetic

We provide and install roof lanterns with beautiful designs and appeal for both the inside of your home and the outside. Its elegant look can make a property look like a contemporary style due to the wide range of choices with designs and colours.

Upgrade your property today with our stunning roof lanterns, and your property will look better than ever! Start a free and bespoke online quote today!

Bespoke Design Options

You can now create the perfect roof lantern for your home in Kingston. We have a wide range of design options that have variations suited to any property type, whether it is a modern or traditional style.

Through our online quoting tool, you can choose which design you want and which is best suited to your property in Kingston. There is a range of design options for your roof lanterns, so rest assured you will find one that is perfectly suited to your property!

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Update your home with a brand new roof lantern that will stand the test of time. With extensive wind testing, the installations won’t rot, warp, distort or damage.

The lanterns consist of a triple layer storm shield, providing years of protection. With durable gaskets and glazing stops, you won’t have to worry about structural failure.

Roof Lanterns Prices Kingston

Create the perfect addition to your home in Kingston and upgrade to one of our cost-effective roof lanterns! Using our innovative online quoting tool, you can get a fast and made to measure quote! This is provided within minutes and is quick and easy to use.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about our roof lanterns first, you can speak to a member of our customer orientated and friendly team by phone on 0208 669 1500, or you can get in touch via our online contact form.

To get a better look, use our Virtual Reality Tour app to have a closer look at our extensions and features.

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