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Replacement Conservatory Roofs Raynes Park

Castle Conservatories offers homeowners a great range of replacement conservatory roofs. We can ensure you can find what roof style will suit you the best, whether you live in a modern or traditional home. Our roofs are manufactured to amazing standards due to their thermal performance, durability and weather resistant materials. 

We can tailor each replacement conservatory roof to your specific requirements. Design your replacement conservatory roof to your style or taste with our many choices of roof styles and colours. We use materials that are made with longevity, so feel comfortable that your investment is worthwhile.  

Our replacement conservatory roofs are made to measure to your home. Get the estimated price of your new roof with our free online quoting tool. Our free process can be used on any of our products. Use our Virtual Reality tool to see how our roofs look in real-life homes. Our simple but valuable tool can show you our wide range of products that can be easily accessed using a laptop, PC, mobile or tablet. Take a look today to start your process of upgrading your home with our replacement conservatory roofs!


Replacement Conservatory Roofs: Your Choices

Choose from our vast range of replacement conservatory roof styles. Each style comes with its own advantages, so choose which one will suit your needs the best.


Replacement Conservatory Roof Styles

Replacement Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Our tiled conservatory roofs are made from durable tiles that can be matched to your current roof or you can pick a new style and colour scheme. With the unpredictable and harsh weather conditions we experience throughout the year, we have made our tiles stay strong during powerful winds and heavy rain. Know that your installation will add value to your home while looking stylish. 

Another feature of this replacement conservatory roof is that you can add glazed features with the tiled look. This can be done in either full height glazing or Velux windows. Alternatively, we can tile the roof completely for you if you require a total privacy option. Make the choices that will work with your lifestyle the best! Our tiled roofs are easy to move on-site as they are lighter than most alternative replacement conservatory roofs.

Replacement Solid Conservatory Roofs

Control the light that comes into your home with our solid replacement conservatory roofs. Complement your Raynes Park home and turn any area into an attractive feature as the daylight comes in. 

For solid conservatory roofs, we can add the double glazed windows anywhere on the roof, to make your home feel brighter. Match your replacement conservatory roof to blend into your property seamlessly. Take a detailed look at our roofs on our Virtual Reality Tour.

Replacement Glass Conservatory Roofs

Our glass conservatory replacement roofs can extend your home, brighten the space and add visual appeal. A great benefit is that the bespoke design can withstand during brutal weather conditions. This durable roof will keep you safe in your Raynes Park home during unpredictable weather conditions.

Tailor your home with our multi choice of stylish colours that we have to offer. Our colour options won’t fade, crack or discolour over time, so your conservatory roof will look as new as the day you installed it!


If you are considering upgrading the roof on your Raynes Park home, we offer three main benefits when supplying a replacement conservatory roof. Make Castle Conservatories your chosen installer to make your home the best it can be.

Benefits of Bespoke Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Added Value

Your upgraded conservatory roof can increase the value of your Raynes Park home. This is because prospective buyers will see your home’s developing potential and be blown away by the bespoke design. 


Weather Resistant

Our conservatory roofs will protect your home during harsh weather conditions. Their double glazing panes and columns are made to stand strong so they don’t damage when high pressure is added. They will keep out water ingress so your conservatory won’t create dampness. Upgrade your conservatory roof with our replacement roof styles to keep your home protected. 


Thermal Performance

Stay at a comfortable temperature with our replacement conservatory roofs. They can ensure you are cool during the summer and not too cold during the winter. Upgrade your replacement conservatory roof by adding our insulated column to keep you warm during winter. Spend time relaxing rather than melting or freezing each season.


Replacement Conservatory Roofs Prices Raynes Park

We want you to benefit from your new replacement conservatory roof all year round. Our prices are competitive so you can get a cost effective but long lasting product. 

Get a free quote today with our price generator. Get in touch with us by our contact page or via phone at 020 8669 1500 if you have any questions. Upgrade your Raynes Park home today!

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