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House Extensions Raynes Park

Do you need an extra room for relaxation or work? Do you want to give your home an aesthetic lift? Then you might want to install one of our house extensions, all of which are built to meet your exact requirements. Thanks to our 25 years plus experience in this industry, you can be assured that our service levels and industry expertise that your hose extension will be fixed to the highest possible standards.

Many homeowners in Raynes Park have reported that their houses have increased in value once they have fitted one of our house extensions. You can choose a modern or traditional style, ensuring that your extension will be a seamless fit with your home. For a home extension that looks beautiful and performs brilliantly, please call us today.

Thermal Efficiency

To ensure that you can enjoy your house extension throughout the year, we have fitted it with a wide range of features that help make it a thermally efficient room. All of our products are built using the best quality materials, so you can be assured that your Raynes Park house extension will be warm in winter and cool in summer. We achieve this by making sure that we fit only the very best insulated columns and pelmets. We use the very best quality double gazing in the windows and doors, so your extension is kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. This allows you less energy to keep your extension warm, so not only will your energy bills reduce in size but so will your carbon footprint.

Easy to Maintain

When you come to Castle Conservatories for your house extension, you will be rewarded with a long-lasting and durable product. The materials that we use to create your extension are of the highest quality, so they require no time-consuming and expensive maintenance. With our extension, no elements will rot and decay, they will just continue to perform brilliantly so giving your Raynes Park home an extra room that will offer you a hassle-free extra space.

Enhanced Security 

With our extensions, you are making your Raynes Park home a more secure place to live. The roofs and pelmets give your home an extra layer of security and are brilliant at keeping out unwanted visitors and bad weather. The mechanisms that are fitted in our house extensions are sturdy and robust and the locks surpass the current industry standards, meaning you can be guaranteed that your home is a safer place to live.

Conservatories and Orangeries

Give your Raynes Park an aesthetic lift with one of our conservatories or orangeries. When you install one of these house extensions you will feel more connected with your garden, as there will be a seamless transition between your home and the outdoors. No matter what architectural design or style your home is, thanks to our diverse range you will be able to find a conservatory or orangery to suit. At Castle Conservatories we pride ourselves on having one of the best ranges of these extensions on the market today.

One of the main reasons our customers choose to install our conservatories is the amount of extra light that your home will benefit from. This extra light will make your home feel larger, airier and even warmer, thanks to you benefiting from the sun’s natural heat. Your conservatory will stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, as it is incredibly thermally efficient, this is down to the temperature-regulating columns and windows that we install as standard. To discover more about the benefits that our conservatories can offer, please call our team of friendly experts today.

Why Choose Castle Conservatories?

Make your Raynes Park home more valuable by adding an addition or renovation to it today. For the benefit of your family, we offer you the best products. We offer you natural light and more living space through our products. 

Additionally, we offer the best supplier service with more than 25 years of experience besides excellent customer service. Our team knows how to increase your property’s value and provide excellent service.

In addition to the 10-year guarantee, we offer peace of mind that this is an investment worth making. Get in touch with us today to improve your security and thermal insulation.

House Extension Prices Raynes Park

As all our products are made to measure, our prices vary based on your style and specifications. Here at Castle Conservatories, we work with various budgets and put you in charge of your design every step of the way.

Get a free online quote to see what we can offer you today. Just choose your dream house extension, pick from our range of finishes, and we’ll give you a price.

If you have any queries, get in touch via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, speak to one of our team directly on 020 8669 1500, and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have!

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